1. Q- What is a greedy girls party?
  2.   A- It is a totally pressure free adult party/get-together for a lady or ladies that like to be outnumbered by men so they get to be the centre of attention in a be a bit greedy. This could just be for bukkake or a full on protected gangbang
  3. Q- Are the parties safe sex?
  4. A- 100% yes we do not promote or advocate bareback penetration swinging it is reckless and irresponsible.
  5. Q- How do I get an invite to a party?
  6. A- Every party advertised has a party page accessed through the Events Calendar page. Just click on the picture for details
  7. Q- What happens at the parties?
  8. A- Each party is different some are small some are larger but the couples, single ladies and organizers that advertise on this site run parties where the ladies like lots of polite men to play with.
  9. Q- Do you have a newsletter group so I can be kept up to date?
  10. A- Yes of course we do you can easily join, it is free and you can leave whenever you like - CLICK TO NEWSLETTER GROUP
  11. Q I/we are a single lady/couple & we would like you to arrange a party for us?
  12. A- we would be very happy to do this for you and it is something we do on a regular basis. You are able to specify exactly what you want at your party all you have to do is simply contact us.
  13. Q I/we are a single lady/couple & we are looking for reliable men to join us?
  14. A- you will be able to advertise your own party and those that reply will provide you with their year of birth, ethnic origin body type and possibly a brief description, if selected by you can request a picture so you get the sort of men you prefer. You are able to specify exactly what you want at your party all you have to do is simply contact us
  15. Q- Are the parties private & discrete?
  16.  A- Cameras and filming of any kind if forbidden at parties unless it is clearly stated on the party page so you will always know in advance and the choice is yours.
  17. Q- I would like to come along but I am a bit nervous will I be OK?
  18. A- all of our party advertisers are vetted so we know their events are relaxed, friendly and totally pressure free. This is why this site was set up to enable both first time and experience swingers to enjoy well run well attended greedy girl parties.
  19. Q- How many people come along?
  20. A- Each organizer has their own aims in terms of party size, the party page will give you a clear indication of expected numbers
  21. Q- Professional organizers seeking people to join in shoots?
  22. A- Like all the other advertisers simply contact us with the details of your event and if it qualifies and we will list your party and contact details on the calendar..We are happy to help, in the first instance please fill in the organisers request form simply contact us